Reissued – Desire for Departure: A Hammered Dulcimer Journey

Desire for Departure: A Hammered Dulcimer Journey

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Desire for Departure: A Hammered Dulcimer Journey

New Music Video! Acoustic Storm

You will be spellbound! Three award-winning musicians use hammered dulcimer, vibraphone, and world percussion to create an Acoustic Storm (Modern World Percussion Fusion). Composed during a mountain thunderstorm in Asheville, NC by local musicians. This is the sound of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Listen with headphones. Please share.


Hammered Dulcimer, Percussion by Joshua Messick
Vibraphone, Percussion by James Kylen
Doumbek, Frame Drum, Gongs, Drum Kit, by River Guerguerian (

Composed and Recorded in Asheville, NC by local musicians
Produced by Joshua Messick
Composed by Joshua Messick and James Kylen

Special Thanks:
Tony Lee Glenn, Randy Wills, Katie Moritz, Song of the Wood, and all the good folks of Asheville and Black Mountain.

2013 Highlights

2013 was an amazing year! I played concerts & events throughout Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, & South Carolina. I was honored to share the stage with Brian Henke, Muriel Anderson, David LaMotte, BJ Leiderman, River Guerguerian, Chris Rosser, Sarah Moor, Max Dyer, James Kylen, Eric Congdon, Stephen Humphries, Heidi Haas-Smith, Kyle Paxton, Sarah Morgan, and many others.

In March, I released by newest album “Honest: Songs of Hope” with Erin Rogers. This album is very close to my heart and is focused on hope and healing through music. Check out

Two major music videos were released, Andrah & Invocation.

I provided studio session work for David LaMotte, Anthony DeLallo, and donated a session on a collaborate recording to raise money for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. This project also featured tracks donated by Bruno Mars and Rob Thomas [of Matchbox 20].

The biggest highlight of 2013 was the move to Asheville, NC in June. I also spend much of my time in the nearby city of Black Mountain. This is now home, and I am finding so much peace and a warm heart. Thank you, Asheville/Black Mountain for embracing me into your community.

While there are dozens of people I’d like to thank (you know who you are!) I will specifically thank one person who has profoundly impacted my 2013—Jerry Read Smith. First of all, I am now the proud owner of the Jerry Read Smith Grand Concertmaster with abalone sound hole and bridge marker inlays, Macassar ebony endrails, curly maple pinblocks, and above all an incredible tone. Thank you, Jerry, for dedicating your life to building this amazing instrument. Secondly, thank you for facilitating my move to Asheville! You were right, this is the perfect place for me to be right now. Love it!

Thank you for making 2013 an amazing year! After writing this, my heart is warm with gratitude. Thank you!

2013 Photo Highlights

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