New Video: “Mountain Laurel” from Woodland Dance

“Mountain Laurel” (from “Woodland Dance”), was inspired after a breathtaking hike to Craggy Pinnacle (Asheville, NC). The lush forests, cute wildlife, and epic vistas were the characters of this celebration story. The video brings you closer to that experience and my imagination. I’m hopeful you can relate with your own story. This is the soundtrack of our stories, helping us remember and celebrate the good things of life.

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  1. Scarborough Fair Joshua Messick Buy 2:48
  2. DulciForte Joshua Messick Buy 3:07
  3. Over the Rainbow Joshua Messick Buy 4:21
  4. Flames of Joy Joshua Messick Buy
  5. Woodland Dance Joshua Messick Buy 4:28
  6. Honest Joshua Messick Buy