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Desire for Departure: A Hammered Dulcimer Journey


An eclectic blend of originals and covers featuring the hammered dulcimer. A musical tapestry of beauty, creativity, and peace.



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      Desire for Departure
      Feed the Birds
      Flames of Joy
      How Deep the Father's Love
      Isles of the Sea
      In the Garden
      Autumn Rain
      Annie's Lullaby

Desire for Departure: A Hammered Dulcimer Journey was released in 2008 and was conceived as a journey of world music. Fusing a variety of music genres, the hammered dulcimer remains unique as an ancient world instrument, allowing me to explore cinematic soundscapes and solo ventures.

During the creation of this album, I discovered my deep desire to compose and innovate. Thus, some of the originals reflect my earliest works, composed between ages 19 and 22. Then, and even more so now, I realize that music serves as a beautiful instructor. It helps me understand what my soul longs to say. When I compose, I seek to convey human emotions that connect all people: love, sorrow, joy, gratitude — all gifts found in the chambers of every human heart.

When I listen to this album today, I comprehend it with a greater depth. I hear an eager heart, craving exploration and connection to that which cannot be put into words. I also hear a growing heart that seeks healing through music. I now understand that music, especially as it resounds from the ancient hammered dulcimer, reflects the image of the invisible human spirit. These songs, these notes, these spaces between the notes, become a prayer without words. Ringing out through space as only hammered dulcimer music can, this music becomes a balm to communicate love, hope, and healing.

As always, I remain grateful.

Joshua Messick (2015)

Produced by Joshua Messick
Arrangements by Joshua Messick and Randy Wills
Hammered Dulcimer, Percussion by Joshua Messick
Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard by Randy Wills
All tracks composed by Joshua Messick, except for these three tunes:

Feed the Birds
Richard M. Sherman / Robert B. Sherman
Walt Disney Music Company / Wonderland Music Co. Inc.

How Deep the Father’s Love
Stuart Townend

In the Garden
C. Austin Miles

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