Pure Hammered Dulcimer



A peaceful, creative collection of original & folk music played on solo hammered dulcimer.




      Scarborough Fair
      Woodsong Wanderlust
      She Moved Through the Fair
      Oh Shenandoah
      Fairy Flight
      Echoes in Time
      Autumn Rain
      Sakura Sakura
      Arran Boat Song

Total Time: 41:22


Liner Notes

Illustrated by Stephanie Messick

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A Note from Joshua

The sparkling pure sound of the hammered dulcimer is a wellspring of peace and creativity. It refreshes my soul, and I hope it does the same for you. Over one hundred strings resonate with plentiful timbres, enchanting my spirit with artistic ideas and dreams. When combined with the inspiration I receive in my lush mountain studio, all that is left to do is play. Of course, the music sounds better after I drink my home roasted coffee, go mountain biking, and eat tacos.

For many years, my listeners have requested a solo recording. Each composition and arrangement was carefully crafted to highlight different qualities of the hammered dulcimer without using overdubs or digital effects. The entire album was recorded with the Master Works DulciForte, an instrument I helped design.

Thank you for supporting my music. You are deeply appreciated! If this album has nourished your heart, I’d love to hear your story.

A special thanks to my wife, Stephanie, who uplifts me and contributes to my creative ideas. When I need a break, she takes hikes with me and laughs at chipmunks. I hope you enjoy her lovable Hammy the Dulcimer illustrations included with the liner notes booklet.

Gratefully yours,
Joshua Messick


Produced & Engineered by Joshua Messick
Mastered by Chris Rosser
Arrangements by Joshua Messick
Design & Layout by Katie Moritz
Photography by Jesse Kitt

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