Master Works Pioneer Package Hammered Dulcimer (2019 Update)




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Ranges D3 – E6 – 3 total octaves
(2+ octaves fully chromatic)

More than a student instrument, the Pioneer is a beautiful, full-sized hammer dulcimer made of choice woods producing a high-quality voice from top to bottom. 16 treble and 15 bass courses provide a lay- out that ranges just over 3 octaves (2 octaves fully chromatic).

The soundboard is carefully crafted from hand-picked, vertical-grain Sipo. Our unique tapered soundboard design allows for greater flexibility, producing increased volume and a sweeter tone. With dense hardwood bridges, Maple pinblocks, Alder endrails, and a laminated Birch back, the portable Pioneer weighs in at approximately 11.5 pounds! The instrument can be finished natural or stained as an upgrade.

Be a Pioneer and step into the wonderful world of hammer dulcimer music!

What’s Included in the Pioneer Package?
Everything you need to get started – hammers, tuning wrench, chromatic digital tuner, sit-down stand, and light-duty case.

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