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Master Works RCE Extended Range Hammered Dulcimer


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The Russell Cook Edition Extended Range (RCE-XR) builds on all the perks and cutting-edge design of our Russell Cook Edition (RCE) by including an even wider range of notes and upgrade options. Officially introduced to the market in 2017, this is one of our newest innovations receiving high praise from professional dulcimer players.

We’ve replaced the chromatic bridges with extended range bridges, increasing the range to four and a half octaves. The bass is extended down to D2, an entire octave below the D3 found on the standard bass bridge. The treble is extended up to A6, two whole steps higher than the RCE and three whole steps above the Ultralight.

On our RCE-XR, the extended bass is more intuitively located to the right of the bass bridge. As you move from upper left to lower right, the notes logically become lower in pitch. For those who prefer their extended bass on the left, we also offer an XR-Left option.

This versatile, compact design conveniently fits in the overhead of many larger Airliners and weighs approximately 13 pounds!

Range and Configuration

  • D2 – A6 for 4.5 total octaves and nearly 4 fully chromatic octaves
  • 17/17+16 extended range configuration
  • Extended range bass bridge available on either right or left side — right is most popular

Materials and Design Technologies

  • Highly engineered Mahogany & Redwood soundboard to add a touch of attitude
  • Lower sustain Morado bridges to produce a more controlled rich and mellow tone
  • Wound strings on lower courses
  • Exclusive RCE sound hole inlays
  • Internal sealant to improve stability in new environments and humidity changes


  • Beautiful, dark stained top, or natural finish
  • Curly Maple inlaid bridge markers
  • Exotic wood endrails (a favorite adornment of Russell’s!)
  • Contrasting wood bindings on both endrails
  • Contrasting wood corner end cap trim

Joshua Messick & Russell Cook present an in-depth comparison of the hammered dulcimer models handcrafted by Master Works. Video includes detailed specs, build technologies, design methods & sound samples of each model.

  • XR-Right configuration (XR-Left configuration requires a custom order)
  • Brown stained soundboard
  • Zebrawood endrails
  • Peruvian walnut endrail bindings and end cap trim
  • Russell Cook Edition soundhole or custom inlay available upon request
  • XR-Right configuration (XR-Left configuration requires a custom order)
  • Red/Brown stained soundboard
  • Bubinga endrails
  • Curly maple endrail bindings & end cap trim
  • Russell Cook Edition soundhole or custom inlay available upon request
  • Super exotic wood endrails
  • Schatten pickups & installation
  • Dual-Response bridges
  • Curly Maple pinblocks
  • Pinblock trim
  • Pinblock veneer
  • Stained back
  • Abalone endrail inlay
  • Abalone bridge marker inlay
  • Abalone soundhole inlay
  • Abalone damper inlay
  • Damper trim
  • Custom soundhole

To order a custom instrument, please contact Joshua.

Instrument ships via UPS directly from the Master Works workshop in Oklahoma, USA. 

A case is required for shipping to ensure the safety of the instrument. Customers who wish to buy without a case can order now and schedule a pick-up at the Master Works workshop.

The cost to ship a RCE-XR within the continental U.S. is $175

Please get in touch to place your order and receive a shipping estimate. Additional duties and taxes may apply.

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