Master Works Ultralight Hammered Dulcimer


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The Ultralight is a design Russell Cook started in 1983 after watching an older couple attempt to load their large 45 pound hammer dulcimer into the trunk of their automobile. After decades of fine tuning, Master Works has managed to get the weight of this cutting-edge instrument down to approximately 11 pounds!

“It is the most instrument for the dollar available on the market.”
Russell Cook, Owner Master Works


Joshua Messick & Russell Cook present an in-depth comparison of the hammered dulcimer models handcrafted by Master Works. Video includes detailed specs, build technologies, design methods & sound samples of each model.

Instrument Info

This performance-quality hammer dulcimer includes a Sipo soundboard, Morado bridges, Maple pinblocks, and Cherry or Walnut endrails.

The Ultralight includes these features:

  • Choice tapered soundboard to improve vibration and response as well as reduce weight
  • Precisely designed pinblocks to reduce weight
  • Solid Alder back to improve sound quality and reduce weight
  • Wound strings on lower courses

Available in Three Configurations


16 treble and 15 bass courses.

Ultralight Chromatic

5 additional notes make this dulcimer fully chromatic from bottom to top.

Ultralight Chromatic Extended Range (XR)

The extended range option adds an entire octave to the bottom range of the Ultralight Chromatic.

For custom orders, these upgrades are available:

  • Exotic wood endrails
  • Stained soundboard

To order a custom instrument, please contact Joshua

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